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ControlTester Class

A ControlTester for any type of control. It is the base class for all ControlTesters in the API. It can also serve as a generic tester for all Controls with no specifically implemented support.

For a list of all members of this type, see ControlTester Members.


[Visual Basic]
Public Class ControlTester
Implements IEnumerable
public class ControlTester : IEnumerable


If you want to make your own ControlTester for a custom or unsupported control, you should implement a version of each of the four constructors. I plan to separate out (and generate) this code once we get partial class support in c#. You should also implement a Property named Properties that returns the underlying control. You should hide the indexer (new) and implement one that returns the appropriate type. The ButtonTester class is a good place to look for an example (or cut and paste starting point) if you are making your own tester.


Namespace: NUnit.Extensions.Forms

Assembly: NUnitForms (in NUnitForms.dll)

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