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MouseController Class

Provides testing control over the mouse.

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[Visual Basic]
Public Class MouseController
Implements IDisposable
public class MouseController : IDisposable


MouseController allows you to control the mouse position and buttons and simulate dragging and clicking during a test. It can be used to test the behavior of a control. For testing the behavior of an application in reponse to a control's events, it is not necessary to use the MouseControl. I suggest you directly fire the appropriate events instead. (You probably aren't using this class unless you are writing some custom control and need to see its response to actual low level mouse movement, etc..)

The mouse Position can be relative to a Form or a Control on a Form. The Position can be specified in pixels, inches or millimetres

The mouse buttons are controlled with the Press and Release methods. Both methods allow a bitwise combination of the MouseButtons, for example Press(MouseButtons.Left | MouseButtons.Center). Button modifiers, the Alt, Shift and Ctrl keys, are also controlled with the two methods.

The XButtons (XButton1 and XButton2) can only be simulated when a mouse with 5 buttons is installed. The Press and Release methods will throw NotSupportedException if the XButtons are used when a mouse does not have 4 or 5 button support.


            [TestFixture] public class ATest : NUnitFormTest
              // Gets the Form used for testing.
              public override Type FormType
                get {return typeof(MyTestForm);}
              [Test] public void Selecting()
                ControlTester myControl = new ControlTester("myControl", CurrentForm);
                using (MouseController mouse = myControl.MouseController())
                  mouse.Drag (10,10, 20,20);
                  AssertEquals (1, myControl.Properties.SelectedObjects.Count);


Namespace: NUnit.Extensions.Forms

Assembly: NUnitForms (in NUnitForms.dll)

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