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NUnitFormTest Class

One of three base classes for your NUnitForms tests. This one can be used by people who do not need or want "built-in" Assert functionality. This is the recommended base class for all unit tests that use NUnitForms.

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[Visual Basic]
Public Class NUnitFormTest
public class NUnitFormTest


You should probably extend this class to create all of your test fixtures. The benefit is that this class implements setup and teardown methods that clean up after your test. Any forms that are created and displayed during your test are cleaned up by the tear down method. This base class also provides easy access to keyboard and mouse controllers. It has a method that allows you to set up a handler for modal dialog boxes. It allows your tests to run on a separate (usually hidden) desktop so that they are faster and do not interfere with your normal desktop activity. If you want custom setup and teardown behavior, you should override the virtual Setup and TearDown methods. Do not use the setup and teardown attributes in your child class.


Namespace: NUnit.Extensions.Forms

Assembly: NUnitForms (in NUnitForms.dll)

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